Ladies Read- Stunning Bridal Fits for your Big Day

Alia Bhatt has been the prettiest modern lady we must have seen during the Shaadi season, which has been going on for many months in Bollywood and in our families. She looked prettier even when she didn’t wear a modern red bridal lehenga. The same was true for Yami Gautam, who wore a Red Saree rather than a Red Bridal Lehenga, which was extremely basic at the time.

In India, marriages are regarded as the most important event of one’s life, particularly for Bollywood royalty; It is always viewed as an incredible undertaking and a matter of extraordinary joy. But Bollywood weddings have always caught the attention and consideration of fans everywhere. Some of the high-profile relationships between big names have excited the media with hashtags moving through virtual entertainment. However, what about those who are not currently engaged? What happens if a woman wants to wear a red bridal lehenga but doesn’t want to get married right away? We have decided to just select fashion from Bollywood celebrities for those beautiful women. We have six distinct hues of lehengas for you to choose from!

  • Red bridal Lehenga 

Nowadays, women are moving away from Red. The majority of women have given up wearing the red bridal lehenga because they believe it is so important, and everyone else does. In fact, it’s good news for the bridesmaids and other red-carpet-clad women. Most women have only ever dreamed of donning a red bridal lehenga, so if you get the chance to attend your best friend’s wedding in one, don’t miss out. Choose a plain red bridal lehenga, a woven one, or the Chikankaari red bridal Lehenga, which is currently the best option.

  • Go Pastel

The pastel chikankari lehenga is, without a doubt, one of my top choices. When worn, a chikankari lehenga possesses significant illustrious energy. On the same lehenga, the wonderful definite work and a little mirror work make it look much richer. You can wear pastel colours or bright ones if that suits you. Pair it with a different shirt and some heels that match, and you’ll be ready for the wedding!

  • Pale Pink 

Anushka Sharma wed Indian cricketer Virat Kohli in a private ceremony in Italy. She is known as the Sabyasachi lady of the moment. In addition, we cannot deny that her pale pink-hued lehenga made her look like one of the wealthiest women ever. She complemented her dress with a customary Sabyasachi choker set and looked stunning in it.

  • Bottle Green 

In the same way that her excellence is precious and distinct from that of the other B-town entertainers, her wedding attire stood out in every way. Dia’s wedding dress, which was made by Ritu Kumar, was different in tone, design, and weaving. Her wedding attire consisted of a kurti and a farshi pajama in a one-of-a-kind shade of green and brilliant beige. The weaving of the pajama represented the central style of Hyderabadi culture. How fascinating, yes?

  • Head to Toe Golden 

Amrita Puri, Sonam Kapoor’s closest friend in the movie Aisha, chose a Sabyasachi lehenga that translated the entire Persian text into imaginative boards. Shades of string were used to make the lehenga, which had a gold base tone. The heavy silk and sequins-covered lehenga are, without a doubt, what every modern lady wants to wear.

Our list is complete, moving on to the sophisticated golden lehenga from the elegant red one.