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6 Ways to hide your engagement ring for a perfect proposal

You have finally decided to propose him/her and we are so happy to hear it. We agree the period of proposal is a mixture of fear, nervousness, excitement, joy, etc…  Thus, people buy engagement rings that help them express all their emotions in one small box. If you are searching for good brands in diamond rings, try Faith engagement rings. They have some unique designs to help you plan a perfect proposal.

There are other creative ways of proposal your man/woman once you have finalized the ring. Check these out and decide which one you would like to go for.

6 Ways to gift an engagement ring to plan a perfect proposal:

  1. Present it in a jewelry box: If your partner loves jewelry, you must tuck it in. Choose a beautiful looking box to make the ring all worth it. You have spent a fortune buying it and thus, the presentation has to be equally beautiful and well-planned.
  2. Gift a stuffed toy: How about hiding the ring in a stuffed toy or wrapping it like necklace? We bet they wouldn’t understand it at once until they find out it is actually a ring! You can also buy a small gift-shaped box and hang it on the toy like a sling bag.
  3. Buy her/his favorite chocolates: Chocolates, flowers, and engagement rings make the best combination. If they love chocolates, it is the best accompaniment with your engagement ring. Make some room for the jewelry box to fit in your chocolate box. You can even get these customized.
  4. A plant: Do they love the color green? Buying them a plant and hiding the ring box inside the plant would be a wonderful idea. How about potting the plant together and watching the surprise live when they find the ring in the pot?
  5. Hiding in a handbag: Most women carry their handbag wherever they go. Hiding the ring in their bag is one of the best ways to surprise them. You can even gift them a new handbag and hide the ring inside with a note of love.
  6. Take them on a date: Take your partner on a nice date. A cozy restaurant followed by some candlelight and music is a perfect way to set the ambiance for proposal.

Faith engagement rings are amongst the recommended brands in buying perfect rings for perfect occasions.

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