3 Ways to Style Street-Look with Athleisure

Most probably, you are familiar with the active wear trends. They are fogging the lines between active wear and street-style. We usually associate the term street with those who have got nothing to do or pursue in life. To be honest, in the current market the most fashionable way to dress up is going street style. It is now preferred over designer looks. Active wear has been very prominent on the mainstream for quite a while now.  You might have faced difficulty to get the athleisure trend in the beginning. Many people liked the idea of stylish gym clothing but not mixing them up with other pieces. Those who didn’t see an appeal at first, are now the believers of comfy outfits, casual trend.

Athleisure is taking the mainstream by storm. We have learned by active wear trends that over loved comfy clothes, jogger pants, sweatshirts, hoodies and sneakers doesn’t have to be only reserved for workouts or sports. You can rock in a matching set of sweat suit as much as in a blazer and jeans. If you are still the one with mixed feelings and have doubt on where to start. You can get some style info from these ideas.

1. A Sweatshirt and Trench Coat

By all praise, mainstream media has given streetwear such a popularity in the past few years, they can now be worn beyond the boundaries of your house. Rather than just jumping into your everyday look of wearing them with a pair of jeans and some sneakers, as usual. You can try new styles with your sweatshirts, it gives a relaxed and refine look if paired with a trench coat, with a twist of masculinity. You can complete this look by adding white canvas low-top sneakers. So, to look effortlessly stylish reach out to get a pair of trench coat with your sweatshirt. These two go perfectly well together. You can also get them by using Puma promo code,

2. A Matching Workout Set

The matching exercising set was a lockdown staple. In the course of our collective months in isolation, scores of activewear collaborations emerged between sporty and elegant labels, setting a flurry of should-attempt overall performance wear tendencies into motion. While we had been pressured to workout at home, matching workout sets had our lower back—they helped us thru the toughest of instances and the hardest. These active sets gave us the boost we needed. Maybe it sounds like an over exaggeration but the numbers agree. Not only they give us the confidence to power through our workout days, they are also great for street style game.

3. A sweatshirt with a blazer and baseball hat

Sweatshirt and baseball cap are the street-style winners. But still in many places a baseball cap is not acceptable. Which obviously includes workplace, in courts, and in formal gatherings. Think carefully before opting a baseball cap in any of these spots. But there is a way you can look smart in a business casual manner by maintaining yourself correctly. This is exactly like styling a casual-formal outfit for your workplace. You can wear the casual in formal manner by keeping everything simple and letting go of the log on the cap. You can opt for a subtle hue jacket along with a shirt or a t-shirt. You should avoid wearing anything that is too bright. It will give you a street look as well as formal touch too.